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. let me ask you a question. how many of you use social media? you're on facebook, maybe you twitter, even email. what if i told you that all that time that you waste you could be making money and a lot of it. my guests are going to show you how. come on. >oh, adrian morrison, welcome back to my show. you know we did a show before and the reason i invited arian back is because not only he's one of the most interesting guests that i've ever talked to but you encourage so many people to make money and you've come out with something new, so i want everyone to meet you. can we just start out with how old are you? >>twenty-seven. >yeah, i don't want to embarrass you. but he's probably made more money last month than we made all year, okay? you know, seriously, i mean one of his things it talks about how he generated 200,000 dollars in a single month. anybody do that? alright great, anybody at home you want to listen up. this is an amazing show and that's why i invited this young man back. uh.. how did you get started making money online? >>well actually i started going to college and i wa
travel issues this afternoon. but this will not be a major event for us as we are getting what we call a little overrunning. there is your radar. you can see the snow out to the west. it is cold enough that anything that falls over the next several hours will likely fall in the form of some kind of precipitation. it will transition into sleet and eventually rain. for parts of the area, freezing rain could be an issue and that is the big concern any time you are talking about temperatures below 32 and any rain falling. that could quickly cause issues. your morning commute here should be fine. julie will have more. i think by late morning, early afternoon, we'll get the light precip moving in from the south and west. temperatures right now cold enough for winter weather. 32 at reagan national. locally, we don't have any advisories but if you get out to the west out into parts of western maryland there, west virginia and western virginia we've got winter weather advisory and primarily the concern is snow, sleet and the potential for freezing rain out there as they will likely stay in the
and bwi marshall, 28. the timing on the rain as it moves in on the winter precip is favorable for us. it will get in here late morning, early afternoon so that will warm temperatures up just a bit. a floodwatch for the 95 corridor here, baltimore and washington as we are expecting 1 to 2 inches of rain. we haven't seen that much in the entire month. we could have a few flooding conditions. showers developing, just lain old rain for your evening commute. rain is pretty much a guarantee. >> we are going to get busy in the weather department. let's check in with julie wright who is already busy in the traffic department. >> absolutely. as tucker was warning you guys about the flooding that could occur, like we saw not even a month ago, do not make an attempt to drive through standing water. so heed the warnings. if you see standing water, turn around, do not drown. on the roads right now, the dry pavement but the crash involving the overturned tractor-trailer covents to block the two right lanes on the inner loop of the beltway just past the bw parkway. this is where we have the two rig
uses to help create some of the hottest bodies in hollywood. >> i tried a lot of things and nothing worked for me the way that tracy's method has worked, and nothing has worked for as long because of her ingenuity, the way she changes it all time. if you put the time in, you actually can get the results that you want. >> announcer: us magazine says... she's also been called... >> i wish i would have met tracy 17 years ago because with her program i was finally able to slim down in the hip area, which i was never ever able to do before. >> tracy's program has totally worked for me. it take inches off of places you didn't even know you had because she totally resculpts your body. 69 inches? wow... five sizes in 90 days... unbelievable. tracy, i love you. >> announcer: metamorphosis by tracy is a fitness method unlike anything else out there. it utilizes a completely different kind of movement, customized for your body type, and designed to give any woman a perfectly proportioned, tight, toned, strong and sexy body. so get ready to defy your genetics and experience a total body transfo
>> los celos hicieron que un hombre disparara a 4 mujeres y la única sobreviviente fue us nnovia que después de meses ella nos cuenta. >> los 5 disparos que recibió no le quitaron las ganas de vivir. >> cuándo te disparan no sientes dolor en ese momento te adormeces. >> ella convaleciente nos recibe en su casa después de que su ex novio le disparara hasta que la creyera muerta. >> el entró le vi el arma y le dijo a mi amiga y le dijo que era su culpa después me disparo y me movia para ver si yo vivía. >> y me dijo que si yo lo dejaba me mataria. >> y en este video lo vemos afuera del local. >> yo le dije que por favor no matara a mi mamá y yo brincaba con cada tiro. >> marcia estaba my herida y mato a 3 mujeres una de ellas embarazada. luego el hombre se fue a la casa de un amigo y se asesino., >> más que las heridas le duele la irracional muerte de inocentes, >> si hubiese estado en la calle no hubiera mportado pero el mato a inocentes. >> estaban en el lugar equivocado a la hora equivocada. >> mi mamá me salvó la vida porque yo estaba sentada en dond
brilloso. >>> no use crema, hay dos diferentes tipos de crema, hay unas que son grasosas. hechas con grasa, y otras hidratantes. la base es como agua, hidrata la piel. eso necesita, no grasa, sino hidrataciÓn. >>> contentas? >>> muy contentas de darle esta sorpresa. >>> quÉ buedo, que bueno que lleguÉ, y trabaje con vuestra madre. >>> mamÁ. >>> yeah. que manden el telÉfono, si quieren un date, que manden el telÉfono. no? >>> claro que sÍ. >>> luego lo hagamos. >>> nunca se sabe. >>> de los momentos malos hay que sacar las cosas buenas. me parece bien. van a cÉnar? >>> sÍ, claro, mis hijas me invitarÁn a cenar. >>> sÍ. >>> y van a celebrar el amor y la amistad? >>> sÍ, gracias. gracias por la sorpresa, estuvo muy bonita, me encantÓ, te agradezco mucho. >>> a ti, un placer venir y tener la sorpresa. >>> muchas gracias. >>> celebremos el dÍa del amor y amistad con amor. hasta luego. >>> bye. >>> que todo el mundo lo celebre con amor. >>> claro que sÍ, como debe de ser.r.r. revelan tacticas de "ice" para deportar mas indocumentados piden anular ley de inmigracion en utah.y el fu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)